How Using Photography Can Improve Your Business

camera-7-1456447Photography is a very important aspect of your business. This general principle not only applies to the local carpet cleaning shop down the street but can also apply to a Fortune 500 company. The thing most people under rate is the power of social communication. If you already using Facebook, Twitter then you will definitely notice how important it is. For example, I bet you will be more likely to click and read a post if it had a dramatic image attached to it as supposed a post with nothing but a post or text. Bottom line we are all visual creatures and we all respond better to visual messages. So if you own a small or large business, implementing professional design and photos in your business is definitely a wise decision. A common question that I am always ask is, “What is a good place to buy high quality photos or should I just buy a camera and take them myself?”

When it comes to this, there are several options you can take:

  • buy stock photos
  • hire a photographer
  • buy an expensive camera and take them yourself

business-card-1525590When buying stock photos, you have to make sure you have use them in the right way by using the right copyrights and terms of use, just to avoid any possible legal issues that may arise. For certain stock photos, they have Royalty Free images and Rights Managed images. Depending on what your goals is in your business will determine which one is the best option for your business.

If you decide to go with the hired photographer route, the pictures will be high quality with the specific dimensions you have requested but the only con is the expensive price. Depending on the complexity of your business it may cost a lot more than usual. For example, a business owner who runs a luxury limo rental service may not have a hard time as someone who does location and product advertising. A limo owner just has to worry about his new limo fleet in temecula and that is basically it, as oppose to where someone who sells their extensive inventory of premier products online, will require a lot more work, money and energy. 

In general cost, will be the main issue and it will come down to how big is your budget and how much is each client worth to you. Going back to the limousine owner, his average client may be about five hundred dollars, so he may be willing to spend the extra capital to make sure that his fleet of classy limo’s are showcased to the public at the maximum level because at the end of the day, we all just want to take a ride in the newest and latest limousine there is.

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Photography Is My Passion

Everyone calls me Ejocuri Copii and photography is my passion. I have always admired photos in a way that most people don’t see them in. Whenever I see a photo, I admire the artistry and creativity behind it.

Professional photographers know that there is a certain level of skill when it comes to taking a photo. You have to have that so called “magic eye.” You have to be able to spot that right picture at the right moment and from the perfect angle. Where it really gets exciting for me is taking pictures when I am traveling.

Going abroad is where I become the most creative. I ended up taking a collage of masterpieces that I can just indulge and savor over for hours. Sometimes I would spend hours, if not days just editing all of new pieces in Photoshop.

The geographic diversity, the diverse people, the energy and vibe is what adds to the photo. What I do is I take all of these factors into consideration whenever I am about to take a photo. Sometimes I would just set it to shutter mode and just let it loose. From there, I can feel confident that I can gather all of the angles together, so that when I go home to edit I will have a lot of samples to work with.

For me I like to take pictures of anything that a person would never bother or think twice about. Like for example when I was visiting Vancouver Canada for the first time, I would take pictures of all the local businesses down the street. Some of them were mom and pop shops, while the others were auto body shops, window tinting shops, carpet cleaning services and rental shops.

I have the ability to take something normal and make it look outstanding and epic.

If you don’t already have one of these masterpiece of a device, check it out below.


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